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Are you an OT or Health Care Worker who:


Would like to run your own OT or healthcare business but don’t know where to start?


Is struggling to make the jump from being employed to having your own practice?


Could use support growing your OT or healthcare business?


Would like to connect with likeminded healthcare professionals?


Would like to learn how to spot untapped business opportunities?


Would like to achieve financial freedom?

What we offer

The OT Health Founders’ Network offers a selection of outstanding support services for Occupational Therapists (and other healthcare professionals) looking to build their private practice.  The aim is to help healthcare professionals identify and harness opportunities, find financial freedom and build a business that thrives, while retaining a healthy work/life balance.

Our team works with therapists who wish to feel empowered and in control when starting their journey and building their own business.

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 Joining the network brings a wealth of benefits. 

Occupational Therapists feel connected with others, gain the support they need to go through the steps required to build a buoyant therapy practice and can quickly achieve financial freedom.


Connect and network with other therapists who share similar vision and interests.

Job Independence

Explore potential of expanding the profession outside of current restricted boundaries.


Reduce social isolation for OT’S (and other healthcare professionals) seeking a place to “belong”.


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